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For anyone attempting to improve something about their lives, I recommend doing extensive research on how neuroplasticity impacts life performance. Without understanding how the brain is shaped based on one’s daily thoughts and actions, it is possible to hope for outcomes that are highly unlikely. In some cases, a person may get what they wished for but without having a brain shaped to maintain it, they lose it just as quickly as it was received. We have all heard about the lotto winners who end up losing it all haven't we? This is an example of a person getting results that their brains were not ready to nurture and grow. This is such a personal topic, so the best person who can manage their brain shape is the person in the mirror. Just like in all other situations, one's free will could be a gift and/or a curse, so let’s explore the following situation to dive a bit deeper.  

Say that Jenny wants to be in a happy marriage(a male could be easily inserted in this story, so please don’t let gender interrupt the point of the exercise) and I mean, she really, really wants a husband; however, her actions lead her to repeatedly sleep with guys she hardly even knows. She goes out at least four to five times per week with different men and has done this for years. Let’s say that she thinks things are getting better in that area of her life because “it seems that the quality of guy is getting better ” according to her personal opinion, but emotionally, she is dealing with anxiety, more self-doubt and there are no signs that a steady relationship is forming with her many suitors. Her actions may even be leading her further away from becoming a woman who has the patience, resilience, compassion, and understanding of a wife in a long-lasting and growth oriented marriage. What are your thoughts? 

What if there were experiences in her life that led to a lack of trust in men, which is why she never gives any of them a chance to get to know her exclusively? Does she have unhealed trauma from something that happened when she was a child? Why does she have sex with almost all of them? Is she looking for something through her promiscuous activity? Is the journey more exciting than the destination that she claims she is aiming for? No one would be able to answer these questions except her, and that would only happen if she realized that they needed to be answered in the first place, so how would she ever find out that there may be a better strategy? Unfortunately, most people in these types of situations never find out because of the sensory stimulation that comes from whatever form of instant gratification involved in their personal quests. In her case, it was sex and the feeling of being wanted, but in another case it may be food, accomplishments, substances, etc. 

This is an example of why I practice Re-Creationism. In the book on page 18, the definition is as follows; “Re-Creationism is an all-inclusive, experience-based practice that merges the mind and body connection into a progressive life force through daily creative action.” (Dixon, 2017) Since I realized that I am an imperfect being who was born into a world with millions of years of vibrational generational baggage being soaked into my essence with every breath, proactively filtering the air that I breathe is a mandatory life requirement. I’m flawed and will always be. The older version of myself would never admit that; that attitude transformed me into a 320 pound functional alcoholic who thought he knew everything. I hid behind so many forms of stimulation that I was absorbed into a never-ending chase for more satisfaction. I lost touch of a reality that all living organisms come with: self-preservation. I didn’t realize at the time what prioritizing the Four Pillars would do to my outlook, but with thirteen years in, I’m sold. I never impose this point of view on anyone because it takes a lot for someone to want to Re-Create their living experience. The fear that something will be lost is normal and expected. The desire must start from within and then each person manages their own journey towards the unknown. This is why I love the Decade Series, because it allows me to focus on separate aspects of the process to give all seekers bite size chunks to chew on along their journeys. 

All of the Pillar work helps reshape the brain, but in this case I would like to focus on a couple of Jenny's from the  example I gave above. In my opinion, she needs to work on her emotional intelligence and hunger to gain new knowledge Pillars immediately. Even though her health and purpose are equally important, these two seem to be her biggest areas of opportunity. Before I ask questions related to these Pillars, I want to make another brief point: I will not be imposing my moral code about “what she should do”. This will be only based on her intentions/actions to get closer to a fulfilling marriage. I also do my best to stay away from making definitive assertions, so my approach is usually based around asking questions. Has she taken time to reflect on the type of household relationships that guided her outlook on what “a healthy marriage” looks like? If Jenny was seriously interested in a long term marriage, would gaining some type of insight about people who are in long term marriages benefit her? She may not know married couples personally, so would it benefit her to listen to podcasts, read a few articles/books or attend a few events? Emotionally, is she doing anything to lower the feelings of doubt, anxiety, or confusion? Or have dates and frequent sex become a way of avoiding her deeper reality? Does she take time to be by herself and think about how she feels when no one else is around? Can you see how her results may be impacted without a mindset that makes these types of explorations? 

Let’s say that Jenny has a lightbulb moment one day and decides to focus on these aspects of her experience for a while but when things get a bit challenging, she stops after two to three weeks. What do you think will happen? Withdrawal from her recent lifestyle would probably lead to backtracking; regaining that sense of accomplishment that she left would be highly probable. For this reason, for her and anyone who decides to start walking their self-discovery path, repetition of the newer thought processes/habits is of the utmost importance. As these newer paths are paved into the brain by engaging in the replacement activities, the desire to backtrack slowly loses its power; especially if one's intention to adjust their reality is steadily growing as well. This is how people transform into versions of themselves that some family and friends no longer recognize. That comes with another set of issues, but we will save that topic for another episode of the Decade Series. Smile.

Hunger for New Knowledge Pillar Action Plan: Did you know that the only difference between who you are now and who you could be is “applied” information? As that new information is acted on, your brain has no choice but to start adapting to the incoming data from a mixture of sensory and emotional processes inside of your body. Today, revisit a new method of doing something of interest that can add quality to your life. Are you willing to commit to going further in that exploration process everyday for at least thirty minutes for the next week? If so, do yourself a favor and journal about what you have learned every evening before you go to bed. At the very least, your brain will appreciate the stretching as you engage in an activity that may be initially uncomfortable, but appreciated exercise for that five pounds of pure excellence attached to your spinal cord. 

Kinja’s Current Reality: The blog alone is enough to keep my brain reshaping, but once you add in the daily yoga that pushes my body to newer levels of flexibility, the projects being worked on that are furthering my understanding of writing and presentation creation and the experiences I share with my extended family, I know for a fact that my new knowledge Pillar work remains extensive. What is most exciting about these times is that every day I wake up, I get to start from ground zero, because as my tagline says, I don't know anything because I am constantly Re-Learning!  To dive deeper into understanding the Four Pillar system, explore the 365 page manual at any time. Regardless, in a couple of weeks, I will see you again in another episode of the Decade Series. 


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  1. Avatar Bruno says:

    Yesssss! Neuroplasticty is real!!!! Love the place too!!!

    • Avatar Kinja says:

      You and your beautiful family have definitely assisted in my brain shaping process brother! Much love and pure light sent! See all of you much sooner than later King Bruno!

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