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For years, I was completely ignorant about many parts of my life. By becoming a professional at comparing my life to others, I missed out on several areas of opportunity. The title of this blog may be off putting at first, but if I properly express myself, it may be one of the most valuable concepts I've publicly shared thus far. As I started to understand it, my connection to others slowly started to increase: however, the process began because I started growing a stronger connection with myself. To explore, we must revisit a part of my life that is highly responsible for me being alive today. 

It was 2007 and I made a deposit at one of my five banks. When the teller handed me my receipt, the amount that was reflected sent a chill down my spine and I knew I was going out that night. In my mind, due to a certain number that I achieved, I earned the right to start "living it up" on a more frequent basis than I ever had before that day. I was already a person who enjoyed partying after a normal work day, but now since "I hit my mark", a switch was flipped. Buying out bars, eating out and wining-dining more women came shortly thereafter. My lifestyle "enhancement" led my weight and tolerance for alcohol to raise by at least 80% over the next two years. I am not being sarcastic: I was 180 pounds in 2007 and got up to over 320ish pounds by 2009: the picture on the left side of the Decadeseries.com website was that guy. When it came to alcohol, instead of my three to four drink average, six to eight drinks became my standard. What was "supposed" to be one of the best days of my life spiraled into "a set of choices" that started dramatically shortening my life span. The crazy part is that I did not notice any of this at the time. 

When I look back, it didn't take the complexity of a rocket science experiment to see where I was heading. Think about it, even if you are unfamiliar with my story, you could probably tell that my life choices were leading towards harmful results. What is it that triggers us to turn blessings into tragedies? What if we OVERSTOOD that as humans, regardless of what happens, we still have to follow certain fundamental life principles? "Kinja, we all do follow our own set!" Do we really follow our own set of principles or do we copy what the majority does? What I did is follow a tribal mindset based on thoughts like these, "once a person reaches a certain place in life, they made it", or " Money determines the value of a person.", and this one is almost unavoidable regardless of any conditions, "I am better than you (because of something) ." And so on and so forth. 

On the surface many of us know that these thoughts aren't productive: however, conditioning has led to a set of default actions that we often take regularly. Some of us may even a) disagree with the previous thoughts or b)publicly share thoughts about "changing the unfair system that does not value everyone equally", but will immediately look down on someone that doesn't agree with our stance on a certain debatable topic. For these reasons, I am going to reiterate the title of this blog again, Everything IS a Disadvantage: however, if this mindset is approached with continued growth as the foundation, it can become a life booster. Imagine if a person built a life where conditions no longer changed their intentions and actions. 

Think about it, why aren't all the people with the most money, the happiest (behind closed doors and on social media)? Why would a person commit suicide, when they have all of the "comforts" that our humanity provides? What if we were taught that things/events are simply effects of causes(known or unknown)? And that the most important part of our lives are invisible to the average eye? Parts such as will power, enthusiasm, imagination and reasoning to name a few? The "comforts" of the world would not be as life-altering for that group because they would understand that there are no limits to the advancement of their INVISIBLE and MOST VALUABLE life processes. Celebrations would happen when things went their way, but not for long because of the following process that all plants live by: I will keep reaching for the light as long as I have life running through me.

In theory that sounds great, however, this is where it can get tricky. What if a person's "light" is leading them towards internal darkness? For instance, my "light" used to be more drinks, more fun, more sex and more recognition. Nothing is wrong with those things if the person is in full control of their consumption, but I was not. This is why a person's system is of the utmost importance. Our “lights” did not just form overnight; years of repetitive observations and actions led to what motivates us to act. Once sensual, emotional and financial stimulation is involved, at times, the animal side of our essences end up chasing gratification regardless of the foundation we are standing on. Most of us find out too late, and the rest of us never find out at all. 

In closing, I am going to highly recommend that "your light" be aligned with your Four Pillar development. Not just for yourself, but for the children in your life who are going to follow your lead as our humanity continues to market, manipulate and control as many people who are along for the ride. By the way, I don't knock any of the strategies that capitalize on the ignorance of others. Why? Because without them, we wouldn't have the ability to turn their strategies into personal power! Remember, when everything IS a disadvantage, good, bad, love, war, crime, poverty, wealth, etc., all become opportunities for growth regardless of the categories we "believe" we are in. Once a person can get to that point, their life light begins going in the same direction as the Universe…towards unknown potential…every single moment of their life. 

Four Pillar Action Plan Step: Do you remember when you started to fall off in the area of your life that currently needs the most development? Be honest with yourself. Understanding what changed in your mind during that time can assist in your personal awareness, and help with noticing a pattern in your family dynamic. Are the people you watched as you grew up in similar situations or are you by yourself? Have you ever factored how increasing that grade can positively impact other areas of your life? Are you willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort to explode into a realm of life that is more in alignment with your reason for being born? Is your happiness based on a set of habits that you know are detrimental to your longevity? If so, as you plan your schedule today, remember the following quote from Marianne Williamson, “The highest level of joy is not circumstance dependent”. You must work on setting an intention that helps you understand this. It cannot always be about “how you feel” any more. Eventually, it has to get to a point where you do what is best for your longevity, regardless of how you initially feel about the changes that must be made; plant life. 

Kinja’s Current Reality: There is a security in knowing that my self-esteem is solely based on my daily actions versus what anyone thinks about them. Due to the Re-Creationist lifestyle, it just happens that those actions are beneficial to every major aspect of my life. So many new doors have and will continue to open, which allow me to serve my purpose, but there is no longer the “I made it” thought process that comes with the “accomplishments”. By uncomplicating the life process, every time I look at any form of plant life, my choice to begin this lifestyle is reconfirmed; grow towards the light and move away from all things that are harmful to that process. To dive deeper into understanding the Four Pillar system, explore the 365 page manual at any time. Regardless, next week I will see you again in another episode of the Decade Series.

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