Kinja has made many mistakes and will make more; however, he vows to use each one as an opportunity for growth.

              This state of acceptance is directly related to the 2015 Shaolin Training experience that upgraded my definition of mastery and leadership. Shifu Yan Lei’s style of service-oriented guidance inspired a frame of thought that led to a reevaluation of my life’s purpose. On the 20-hour flight from Dengfeng, China back to New York, I had no idea how the awakenings would change the course of my life. The ongoing transformation is still happening to this day.

My second full year as an author, consultant and speaker was coming to an end. Before meeting Shifu and the other students from across the globe, my focus was delivering programs and keynotes geared towards communication mastery and leadership. In 2013, I retired from a 15-year career in sales, released my first book, Universal Talk Laws, and felt that I sincerely added value to the clients, companies and organizations that hired me. During one of my post-Shaolin training camp reflections something felt off. I realized that the title of “sales expert” that I chose in my branding did not fully represent my intentions for the people I served. To add context, let’s go back to the year that I was reborn.

In February 2009, I hired Carl Fraddy III, to build a nutrition and workout program for me, because frankly, my newfound financial success over the previous two years had gone to my head…and my waist. My addictive nature plus having access to any and everything I wanted led to excess in the forms of stimulation I enjoyed: mainly alcohol and eating. When Carl and I had our initial meeting, I was over 300 pounds and a functional alcoholic. By the end of that year, I lost over 60 pounds, stopped drinking alcohol and life as I knew it would never be the same.

Communicating has always been a strong suit; however, in 2010, the additional attention to mastering my craft was a direct benefit of simultaneously working on my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development. When you are recognized in sales, statistics like closing percentage and sales efficiency get more attention than one’s hours of nightly rest, the number of books read and caloric intake. I rode the waves, accepted the recognition, and allowed the effects of my behind-the-scenes life changes to shape how I started as a speaker. With the mixture of my first book’s subtitle, How to Increase Your Net Worth with Words, I branded myself as a money-chasing, sales expert. Conversely, my stellar results in the last few years of my sales career stemmed from replacing monetary goal setting with a growing focus on extreme life skill development. These are a few of the thoughts that surfaced in 2015 after coming back from China.

Witnessing Shifu’s pureness revealed a level of authenticity that I vowed to move closer towards. Without clarity, climbing the ladder to get to the “top” of the wrong building is highly probable. Since 2016, I feel like the doors of life have opened and my methods of delivering service have expanded as well. The one-man play, The Re-Creation Encounter(2016), my second and third books, Re-Creationism, The Art of Shaping Reality (2018) and Lil Solar’s Book of Superpowers (2019) and the award-winning short film, The Great Escape (2021) that is currently streaming on Roku (UrbnTV and Ukw Media) are just the beginning of an aligned vision without any internal conflicts. My future is an unpainted canvas, but what I know for sure is that expression through writing, speaking and audio/video production will be a part of it.

Our Mission

As you can clearly see, I have went through (and still going through) a major mental, emotional and spiritual transformation. The Decade Series reveals the many mistakes and lessons I have learned as I reflect on the ten-plus years since the Four Pillars became my life’s priority. On one of my hikes in Arizona in 2019, the video production aspect of the series formed. During the following two years, the idea of adding a written blog to each episode and creating a website was formulated. Since 2013, after 6 years of sporadic social media engagement, The Decade Series, a method of serving that is authentic to my 2015 reawakening was born. Nature. Travel. Writing. Creative Expression, Personal Development. These will always be integrated into my life. This series allows you to participate in that journey. Your only requirement will be attention. No strings attached or ulterior motives involved. My commitment is to release a new episode weekly, only speaking through my experience and to never give any orders. Let’s seek, learn, and grow together as our next decade unfolds.

April 12th 2022 was when this website officially launched; I dedicate this movement to my mother, Edna Dixon-Lawson.

Rest in Peace Mom. Love you! April 2, 1950 – July 6, 2017