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This is a special episode of The Decade Series that ties the first film from Four Pillars Entertainment production company, The Great Escape, into the mission of this blog; increasing the grades within our Four Pillars.

Regardless of your thoughts about the couple in our film, when is the last time that you reflected on how well your intentions have aligned with your communication methods? Do you have a track record of intending to have one thing happen, while not being able to effectively communicate to your spouse, partner, family members or friends? Or do you communicate messages that are not congruent with how you really feel? Or do you have a problem with setting clear intentions because of being mixed up at this stage of your life? 

The purpose of this short film is to explore a young couple’s internal process that is far from conventional when it comes to a familiar topic; an unexpected pregnancy. Was Abigail in the right from the beginning? What could she have done differently, if anything? What emotion motivated the way Charles responded to Abigail’s initial news? Was he overreacting and if so, why and how? Or was his reaction validated? 

The Great Escape Movie Team:

Director/Editor - Adam Berley

Producer/Casting Director - Amy-Iturres-Alomia

Director of Photography- Megan Jolly

Key Cast - Sarah Schenkkan

Key Cast - Michel Vidal

Second Camera/Gaffer - Tyrone Rhabb

Set Design - Awaka and Cinque Mcketty

Script Supervisor/Producer - Michelle Amy

Composer - Derrick Jamison

Writer/Executive Producer - Kinja Dixon

To view the film, simply add Urbn TV and/or Ukw Media on your Roku streaming device, and search for The Great Escape. When you view it, please take a few moments to share your feelings through answering any of these questions or just letting us know your point of view. In the process you will learn more about yourself and the topic of this week’s special edition of the Decade Series. 

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