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While I was in Best Buy early in August getting a new phone, the Universe was taking care of me without my knowledge. By the time I am finished I hope you agree with my following statement; the Universe is always taking care of all of us. When the Geek Squad person finished explaining the process, I decided to jump on my laptop and reply to an email before I left. After finishing the email, I packed up and walked out to my truck. After starting it up and preparing to back out of my parking spot, I saw a security guard running towards me through the rear view window. 

After getting my attention, I stepped out and he asked, "Have you seen the back of your truck sir?" I walked around and saw what he was referring to. The passenger side bumper was scratched and the light was broken. "Sir, we saw the Challenger that hit your truck and left the scene. We caught it on our Best Buy Camera system." After an hour of questions and answers, I found out everything that happened within my Geek Squad appointment. There were many processes happening that were in my long term best interest while I dealt with the Geek Squad rep about my replacement cell phone. 

Apparently a representative in the neighboring furniture store saw the hit and run, and after checking with all of the customers in her store, she figured that the car belonged to someone in Best Buy. She left, ran to the Best Buy security and told them about the hit and run. The Best Buy security guards started looking at the tape to get the details from the car that left the scene and had one guard on notice to watch the truck that was hit (my truck) so they could inform the owner(me) of what happened. By the time they finished giving me the details, the police arrived and filed the report for my insurance company. As soon as I got in my truck, I immediately called them to file the claim. 

As I sit here this morning on September 12th 2022, waiting for Enterprise rental company to pick me up from the Collision center where I just dropped off my truck for it to be fixed, the following insight has come to mind. I think every single person alive has a story like this; however, how many of us look beyond the “harmful and/or negative” results to see the blessings disguised as ‘problems”? Our “harmful and/or negative” results from the past, combined with the media’s strategy (fear) usually turns most of us into people who are yearning for security with an increased desire to not be surprised about anything. The excitement of moving towards the unknown slowly dissipates and instead of seeing life from a landscape view, the little slip-ups and mistakes along the path usually get blown way out of proportion. The “faith” that many of us claim to have, is only present in the areas of our lives filled with the most certainty.

Once a person can take a step back and reflect on the many events that happened behind the scenes for them to still be breathing and navigating through life, the fear that comes with taking calculated risks slowly but surely loses strength. We are creatures of habit, so if you notice that you have more memories of the “harmful and/or negative” results versus the numerous blessings that happened in the background in order for those “harmful and/or negative” results to take place, the chances are very high that fear is the most dominant emotion when it comes to your memories. If that is true, the chances are also high that you are not comfortable with taking calculated risks; infinite possibilities are not explored when this mindset controls a person. Are you ready and willing to start exploring a life that transforms the discomfort with the unknown into fuel to ignite your life fire? If so, get ready for the ride of your life! 

Four Pillar Action Plan: Today, do something that you have hesitated on in the past. You know this action will benefit you in the long run. Send that incoming call(that you really don’t want to answer) to voicemail, make that call(you know you want to make) to start that conversation, take that Zumba class that you’ve put off, etc. Again, this action should be something you know is good for you, but fear has simply stopped you from doing it. Try your best to be as empty-minded as possible without allowing your past hesitation to invade your process. Afterwards, write how it went. Remember, the initial discomfort when it is all said and done is not be a bad thing. Some of the best effects in your life have come from actions that took you out of your comfort zone. Why did this happen? Those new experiences added depth of character and wisdom if you were open to receiving them.

Kinja’s Current Reality: Moving towards goals based on burning desires that you have spent your whole life training for is not considered risky. It delivers invaluable life training that only increases in value over time. There are several unknown places in my professional and personal journey that I am walking towards every day; By working on the Four Pillars, the lessons delivered constantly boost my confidence during any moments of uncertainty. My personal key is to not stand still and to remember that every person/action I interact with is presented to teach me something. Being open to receiving those lessons at all times is why my appreciation for every day I wake up continues to grow! To dive deeper into understanding the Four Pillar system, explore the 365 page manual at any time. Regardless, I will see you very soon in another episode of the Decade Series. 

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